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About Us

Nice to meet you.

Here is an attempt in trying to describe how the heck we've arrived here. If we told you that the game Final Fantasy, the band Gojira and the anime One Piece are part of what has made WildBulb become reality... well, it wouldn't be untrue. It's funny to think how little things in life build up and slowly create what we have right now. But let's be professional here, if you like relatively deep thoughts (and long sentences), we invite you to check our blog. But here is what officially triggered WildBulb.


ECOSPHERE, a wet kind of trigger. 

In former times, Kevin (who first founded the project) found out about the ECOSPHERE, a self-sustainable water ecosystem where algae and tiny shrimps would complement each other out. Left on its own in a rather bright spot, the algae would grow, making a natural source of food for the crustaceans, that would then in return release nutrients through… defecation, which then fertilises the algae. Yummy. The cycle was closed and ready to start all over again.

The bulb idea. Eureka.

Fascinated by this no-need-for-humans-to-intervene tiny world, Kevin’s curiosity naturally immersed him into the wild world of terrariums through reading articles and watching online content. Self taught -on YouTube, let’s admit it!- he started experimenting in second hand jars and bottles he’d find in charity shops across London.

The bulb idea wasn’t his by the way: whilst browsing for new tutorials, he stumbled upon a video of a mini terrarium made in a light bulb. The tiny size and round shape of this atypical container reminded him about the Ecosphere. In a blink, he knew henceforth that light bulbs would stick around him for a while...

Pronounce it [kwɛt].

Qouet, a cool and smart childhood friend of Kevin, comes on stage at the very early... stage of the project -when the word WildBulb was not even a thing. Creative with a graphic design background, Qouet quickly saw the potential and brought his touch with a main objective: make it become an original, elegant and reliable product. Great! Because lightbulb terrariums come with a big deal of challenges.


DYI and design are his things. From this moment on, we appropriated his shed to become a lab where building and experimenting became our new weekly activities. DYI at Qouet's, and terrarium making at Kev’s.

How we made it concrete.

In the summer of 2018 after months of (mentally painful) brainstorming, WildBulb came out of the ground. Our identity would, too. Terrariums mean so much more to us than just a few plants in a jar. 


We specifically love nature when it reclaims its rights on human heritage. Think of these Mayan temples once abandoned in the jungle, covered by the wild. Nature VS Culture, that’s our thing. Concrete came as evidence to us: it oozes urbanity but also modernity, and in a larger sense: civilisation. It would become part of our work, from the stands to the structures incorporated in our ecosystems.


More than just a terrarium, our WildBulb stands as an invitation to explore and appreciate a mini landscaped living world where nature interacts with culture. This being the base of our work, we are in a process of diversification including workshops, concrete planters, kits and design projects. Yes, it all sounds exciting, we know.

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