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Impress your guests.

Let's speak the truth: an event is a show. Whatever the purpose, the goal is to create a memorable moment you want your audience to remember. 

It kind of works out well, as our products naturally draw attention and make people curious. Terrariums are science objects that trigger wonder, because they do not need any help from the outside world.

In this changing world dominated by talks about climate change, why not show your commitments by creating a green soothing atmosphere during your event? 

Wine Emporium 1.jpg
Wine Emporium 2.jpg

We rent

Your theme,
our design.

Not sure it can be simpler. You have an event, and we have badass ecosystems, so let's work together! We design custom terrariums depending on your needs and space for a price that is not supposed to scare you.


You have it the time you need, and we take it back. No hassle. Ah, and if you want to impress one of your guests (or just fell in love with one of our products), you can keep the ones you want and just pay the difference.

Each event has its own requirement. Whether it is brand related for a corporate seminar or specific wishes for a wedding celebration, we work alongside your team to be as close as we possibly can to what you had in mind.

The more details we have, the better we can map it out. Not only we create the terrariums, but also source plants and other prop objects that will create the environment you want your guests to remember.

Plan your event with us now.

Thanks! We'll be back to you.

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