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Industrial like? Vintage look? We'll let you decide.  


WildBulb 80 is a tribute to the interaction between nature & culture. The more detailed landscape in the WB80 evolves around some Brutalist-inspired structure, inviting one to dive into it -well... literally.


SKU: 364215375135191
  • WildBulbs are unique miniature ecosystems carefully landscaped in real light bulbs, handmade in our studio in North London. What you see inside is alive, and because it is closed, it creates its own natural water cycle that will sustain the plants. 

    WildBulbs come as alternatives to houseplants and flowers and offer great moments of escape and relaxation when observed.


    COMPOSITION: Moss, 1x coloured fittonia plant, bark & gravel. Same composition but plant colour may vary depending on availability.

    SIZE: A60 lightbulb. 6cmx6cm

    WEIGHT: Around 90 gr.

    PACKAGING: Comes in its individual box.

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